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Congratulations on publishing your book! We are delighted that you have something to share with the world and you have chosen to share it through writing a book. We want you to find readers for your book and we hope the information below will be helpful to you in this regard.

The democratization of publishing has unleashed a flood of self-published books. According to the latest ProQuest Bowker Report (October 15, 2019), nearly 1.7 million books were self-published in the U.S. in 2018. No other industry has so many new product introductions every year! Please read our publishing colleague Steve Piersanti’s 10 Awful Truths about Book Publishing and take special note of his suggested strategies for responding to these awful truths.

If your book is published by a traditional book publisher, we will already be considering your book through our normal buying process. Our buyers meet with the sales representatives of all major publishers several times a year and make buying decisions for thousands of new titles. 

The most basic requirement for stocking a book at Kepler's is that your book needs to be available from a book distributor like Ingram or directly from one of the book publishers we regularly buy books from. Since we rely on reselling books at their list price, we can only buy books that are available at a standard trade discount (between 42% and 46%) and on a returnable basis. After that, our buyers decide whether the book is suitable for our bookstore.

Please note that we will do our best to review and consider every submission, but we can’t respond to every request. This is because the explosion in the number of new books being published has overwhelmed our bookstore’s capacity to respond to every author on a personal basis. Please don't send us review copies unless specifically requested by us, and note that we cannot send review copies back or comment on them. Unsolicited copies of books will be donated.

If your book is offered at a lower discount or net discount and non-returnable basis, that, unfortunately, means that it doesn't meet our ordering requirements. In that case, we're so sorry to pass on your book. 

Special note for self-published authors
At this time, we are unable to carry self-published books at Kepler’s. Occasionally we make exceptions to this rule if the book has strong local connection - say the book is about the bay area or the author has a strong connection to Kepler’s and our community of readers. You are welcome to fill out the form below. 

Many local bookstores in the bay area welcome self-published books. We encourage you to research this further. For instance, Bookshop Santa Cruz had consignment program for local authors that you can check out here:

If you're interested in proposing an event at Kepler's, please inquire here:

Thank you for understanding and respecting the work that goes into creating a highly curated inventory of books for our community, and thank you so much for contacting us.

Best wishes from the Kepler's Team

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