For me, a day that I don’t read is a cryin’ shame of a day! It’s as necessary as breathing for me. And since I’m curious about nearly everything, the daily quest for the newest, next beauty is always dangling as a shiny promise just around the corner. Currently I’m excited about “big fiction”--grand, overarching novels, science books about virology and disease, biographies, and kids books for all ages.

Favorite Genres: 
Children's Lit
Book Recommendations: 
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This Tender Land: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9781476749297
Availability: In Stock In Store
Published: Atria Books - September 3rd, 2019

Sometimes a story just wraps itself around you. This is one of those stories. Four orphans on the run from dire conditions at their boarding school take off in a canoe hoping for St. Louis. Krueger's finely told story shines light on desperate times during the depression and redemption that can bloom. Just excellent. --Marilyn

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Seasons: Desert Sketches Cover Image
By Ellen Meloy, Annie Proulx (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781948814010
Availability: In Stock In Store
Published: Torrey House Press - April 16th, 2019

Don’t let Meloy’s slim volume fool you. It’s PACKED with wonderful, witty, razor sharp musings and observations in small essays about her life in the Utah desert always informing her experiences.

You won’t zip right through but meander, ponder and slow down.

It’s grand. --Marilyn

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Red, White, Blue: A novel (Vintage Contemporaries) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525432982
Availability: In Stock In Store
Published: Vintage - June 4th, 2019

A story that’s spools out seamlessly. Anna, whose father was a CIA operative, starts to unravel the man behind the man who is her father. Expansive in reach and truth while subtly tightening its grip on experience as revealed by a fellow CIA operative of Anna’s father. --Marilyn

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The Honey Bus: A Memoir of Loss, Courage and a Girl Saved by Bees Cover Image
ISBN: 9780778307785
Availability: In Stock In Store
Published: Park Row - April 2nd, 2019

It's safe to say that honey bees did save Meredith May's life. In idyllic Carmel Valley,Meredith longed to work with her beekeeper grandfather tending his hives and helping in the bee bus. First though, Meredith had to learn the ways of bees as a patient attentive helper. Meredith was immersed in the wonder of nature and nurture as she navigated rough times with her mother. This is a rich tapestry, deep in wisdom and beauty. --Marilyn

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Oksana, Behave!: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525511878
Availability: In Stock In Store
Published: Spiegel & Grau - March 19th, 2019

Oksana, an impressionable little girl, doesn’t buy all the happy stories about their soon-to-be new life in America.

Wildly funny starting with their unexpected adventures in steamy Florida landscape as Oksana navigates life in the U.S.

So good! --Marilyn

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The Perfect Predator: A Scientist's Race to Save Her Husband from a Deadly Superbug: A Memoir Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316418089
Availability: In Stock In Store
Published: Hachette Books - February 26th, 2019

This is Tom Patterson’s battle against a certain death sentence.

Patterson is overwhelmed by a superbug, resistant to ALL antibiotics.

An extraordinary biologic battle of virus VS. bacterium involving teams of doctors, researchers, US Navy and the FDA. A fearsome, amazing story. --Marilyn

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Madame Fourcade's Secret War: The Daring Young Woman Who Led France's Largest Spy Network Against Hitler Cover Image
ISBN: 9780812994766
Availability: In Stock In Store
Published: Random House - March 5th, 2019

Marie-Madeleine Fourcade,was  the youngest woman to run a major spy network in France called Alliance during WWII. Germany's occupation of France galvanized her war work where she built  & expanded Alliance’s network, keeping spies, couriers and supply lines functioning just one step ahead of the Gestapo. She established a partnership with Britain's MI6, who was desperate for information about Germany's naval buildup and secret rocket development. 

Fourcade's life story is riveting and fraught with danger. --Marilyn

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Silence: In the Age of Noise Cover Image
By Erling Kagge, Becky L. Crook (Translated by)
ISBN: 9780525563648
Availability: In Stock In Store
Published: Vintage - December 4th, 2018

Kagge explores the idea of being in silence through experience, wonder, travel, and deep thought. Some of his silence quests seem to open a new dimension. A wonderful read. - Marilyn

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November Road: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062663849
Availability: Not In Stock - Can be Ordered
Published: William Morrow - October 9th, 2018

1963:Kennedy has been killed & there's doubt about who pulled the trigger. Frank Guidry is a link in that chain, now on the run from his mob boss.

All hell breaks loose when Guidry changes the plans he was meant to follow. Though Guidry is wily, he's not prepared for the major diversion to his plan.

It's a cat and mouse chase across the country. quite a read. - Marilyn

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The Shepherd's Life: Modern Dispatches from an Ancient Landscape Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250060266
Availability: In Stock In Store
Published: Flatiron Books - September 27th, 2016

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Sisters in Law: How Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went to the Supreme Court and Changed the World Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062238474
Availability: In Stock In Store
Published: Harper Perennial - September 6th, 2016

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A Year in Provence (Vintage Departures) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780679731146
Availability: Not In Stock - Can be Ordered
Published: Vintage - June 4th, 1991

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I'll Drink to That: A Life in Style, with a Twist Cover Image
By Betty Halbreich, Rebecca Paley (Contributions by)
ISBN: 9780143127703
Availability: In Stock In Store
Published: Penguin Books - August 25th, 2015

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Little: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525534327
Availability: Not In Stock - Can be Ordered
Published: Riverhead Books - October 23rd, 2018

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Maestros and Their Music: The Art and Alchemy of Conducting Cover Image
ISBN: 9781101973608
Availability: In Stock In Store
Published: Vintage - November 6th, 2018