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From A to Z, Kepler’s staff has your book covered. Through our 66+ years of assisting hundreds of thousands of customers, we have the experts ready to help you find your next great read.

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Aggie's Favorite Genres:

Fiction, Literary Fiction, Memoirs, Mystery

Alex's Favorite Genres:

Cooking, Essays, History, Nature Writing, Poetry, Science
Photo of Amanda

Amanda's Favorite Genres:

Literary Fiction, Mystery

Ashley's Favorite Genres:

Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Young Adult
Photo of store manager Brittany

Brittany's Favorite Genres:

Children's Lit, Essays, Fiction, Memoirs, Young Adult
Photo of bookseller Carolee

Carolee's Favorite Genres:

History, Literary Fiction, Politics, Science, Sociology
Photo of bookseller Charlie

Charlie's Favorite Genres:

Cooking, Essays, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Science Fiction

Diane's Favorite Genres:

Adventure, Fiction, Mystery, Nature Writing, Young Adult

Donna's Favorite Genres:

Children's Lit, Fantasy, LGBTQ Fiction, Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Harry's Favorite Genres:

Children's Lit, Fantasy, LGBTQ Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry
Photo of Jasmine

Jasmine's Favorite Genres:

Art, Children's Lit, Essays, Literary Fiction, Poetry

Jenna's Favorite Genres:

Biography, Memoirs, Poetry, Psychological, Romance, Young Adult

Joseline's Favorite Genres:

Children's Lit, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, LGBTQ Fiction, Literary Fiction, Poetry, Romance, Short Fiction, Young Adult
Photo of bookseller Kristin

Kristin's Favorite Genres:

Children's Lit, Essays, Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Nature Writing, Young Adult

Lucas's Favorite Genres:

Animals, Fantasy, History, Horror, Nature Writing, Science, Science Fiction, Short Fiction
Bookseller Marilyn

Marilyn's Favorite Genres:

Biography, Children's Lit, Fiction, Science

Michael's Favorite Genres:

Feminism, LGBTQ Fiction, Literary Fiction, Memoirs, Sociology

Pam's Favorite Genres:

Adventure, Animals, Biography, Fiction, Memoirs, Mystery
Photo of CEO Praveen

Praveen's Favorite Genres:

Literary Fiction, Politics, Sociology

Scott's Favorite Genres:

Fantasy, History, Politics, Science, Science Fiction

Sina's Favorite Genres:

Fiction, History, Memoirs
Photo of bookseller Sonia

Sonia's Favorite Genres:

Children's Lit, Dystopia, Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Stephanie's Favorite Genres:

Cooking, Essays, Fiction, Romance

Todd's Favorite Genres:

Cooking, Literary Fiction, Music, Nature Writing, Sociology