Kid's Specialists


Photo of Brittany

Hi, I’m Brittany! You can usually find me sitting on the floor. As a kid, I loved historical fiction, Harry Potter, and anything by Judy Blume. Today, I still love all of those - plus picture books, reading aloud, and helping young people find their new favorite book!

Photo of Joss

Hi, I’m Joseline, but you can call me Joss. I manage the store’s orders, so I see tons of books, but I especially love to read anything and everything for kids. Middle grade? Yup. Graphic novels? Heck yeah! I also read a ton of YA, especially fantasy books (go, Leigh Bardugo!). I’m Mexican-American, and for me, there’s nothing better than a book that I can see myself reflected in. The next time you’re in the store, come say hi - I’d love to help you find your next favorite book!

Photo of Kirsten

Hi, I’m Kirsten! I'm originally from Colorado and love the outdoors but love the consistent weather here in the Bay Area more than the snow I left behind. I have a true, undeniable passion for books, especially Young Adult and New Adult. I'm a super fan of James Patterson, Michael Grant, and Abbi Glines. My favorite genres include romance, mystery, thriller, drama, true crime, and some dystopia books. I also have a soft spot for picture and board books. If you want recommendations, you will most likely find me in the kid's section.

Photo of Lila

Hi, I’m Lila! I grew up Dyslexic, a reading disorder that makes reading much harder and not particularly fun sometimes but, as I grew older, I found a passion for Children's books. YA is my favorite genre, but I love all types of kid's books, and I'm particularly drawn to books with unique stories no matter the genre. I specialize in the kids that hate to read or struggle, because I was one of them. I can relate to how they feel and I love to get kids excited to read. All it takes is one book, and of course, mine is The Lightning Thief.

Photo of Marilyn

Hi, I’m Marilyn! As a kid I didn't like reading, especially when I could be playing outside, UNTIL I found the right kind of stories! For me, action, adventure, historical fiction were always great books and still are.

Photo of Violet

Hi, I'm Violet! I am a student and a part-time bookseller. As a kid I read everything I could get my hands on, but the books I liked the best were usually historical fiction, mysteries, or realistic fiction. My three favorite books to recommend are The London Eye Mystery, Walk Two Moons, and A Monster Calls.

Photo of Olivia

Hi, I’m Olivia! I grew up in Rough and Ready, California, a very small town where gold miners used to live. I didn’t have TV growing up, so I loved to read outside in the woods near my house. The first books I remember loving were Chicka Chicka Boom Boom when I was very small, and when I could read by myself, Catwings and Animorphs. Now I live in San Jose and love to read while my dog, Obi, naps next to me. I enjoy recommending picture books, graphic novels, and novels for young adults. My favorite stories have magic, adventure, and social justice. There’s a book out there for everyone, and I’d love to help you find it. If we don’t have the book you’re looking for at Kepler’s, I will do my best to get it for you.