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How do I place an order?

  1. Sign into your account (see above)

  2. You can search for books using the search box next to the orange magnifying glass  at the top of the page 

    1. You can also click on STAFF PICKS under the search bar to see recommendations from Kepler’s staff or hover your cursor over BROWSE to access other useful book-browsing menus

  3. Once you’ve accessed a book you’d like to purchase, click on to add the book to your virtual shopping cart

  4. After you’ve added all your desired titles to your cart, click on the cart symbol in the upper right corner of the page:

  5. Click CHECKOUT

  6. Check that the email address listed is the same as the one to which you'd like to have your order confirmation emailed."

    1. This email should be the same email address as the one you used to initially create your account

  7. Click NEXT

  8. Enter the address to which you’d like your books to be shipped

  9. Click NEXT

  10. Select the shipping method you’d like to use by clicking on the circle next to its corresponding text

    1. will become when your shipping method has been selected

  11. Click NEXT

  12. If you have a gift card, click on the box next to YES (if not, click NEXT)                    

    1. will become

    2. Click on the blank box that appears, and type in the full number on the back of the card, under the barcode

      1. The number will have a total of 12 digits, starting with a 1 to the left of the barcode and another single digit to the right of it

    3. Click NEXT

  13. Enter your credit card information

    1. Even if you have a gift card, you’ll need to enter credit card information in case the gift card balance is not enough to cover the entire purchase, including shipping and tax

  14. Click NEXT

  15. If you are a Kepler’s Literary Circle member, enter your phone number by clicking on the white text box underneath the words “Membership ID,” then click NEXT

    1. If you are not a Literary Circle member, click NEXT

  16. Enter the billing address associated with your credit card, then click NEXT
  17. Type in any comments you’d like staff to see by clicking on the white text box under the words “Order comments”

  18. Click REVIEW ORDER

  19. Review all the information you’ve entered

    1. If it all looks correct, click SUBMIT ORDER

    2. If you need to make an edit to your information, click BACK

  20. Your order will be sent to one of our online order specialists, and you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided. Thank you for supporting Kepler’s Books and Magazines!