Derald Hamilton 

Saturday, August 4, 2:00 p.m. 

Menlo Park Library, Downstairs, 800 Alma St., Menlo Park 


The Call    

Satire and the supernatural blend together in this humorous, irreverent, and disturbing account of divinity school and the people who are drawn to answering the call to ministry. The story is told in the first person through the eyes of Ishmael O'Donnell, an observant young man who wrestles with familial dysfunction, possession by the spirit lof his long-dead twin brother, and his quest for purification from both.  

Twice Upon a Prequel and Three Shorts   

In "The Astonishing Elmo Piggins" young Elmo is introduced as the prototypical Southern preacher's kid whose exploits are all but eclipsed by the escapades of his older sister Lawanda until she sets out on her own. "The Rebirth of Reginald Dexter" tells the story of a tenured professor of psychology who is forced to retire at sixty-five. Twice Upon A Prequel also features three exceptional short works of fiction, two of which deal with the hapless travails of life within the confines of the military structure.

Derald developed a bent for creative writing and music while still in grade school, but placed those two aspirations aside during college for purposes of preparing himself for the mundane task of earning a living. His course of studies sent him in the direction of being a full time cleric and later that of being a librarian. But those two efforts fell through and he spent the past thirty some years doing office work for the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority. But he was able to fit his early aspirations of writing and music in on the side, took up the banjo, and has since managed to take up the banjo and get numerous non-fiction articles and four short stories published. "The Call" is his first published novel.  


This event is FREE to the public.


Event date: 
Saturday, August 4, 2012 - 2:00pm
Event address: 
800 Alma Street
94025-4349 Menlo Park