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Beyond Redemption: Love and Longing in the Old West (Paperback)

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May 11th, 1889 in the Arizona Territory...

When the U.S. Army Payroll is robbed by a group of Mormon settlers, one man's life is changed forever. After a bloody gunfight, the bandits escape with nearly thirty-thousand dollars in gold, which was never recovered.

Cal Chandler, an unwilling participant in the crime, is forced to flee, running from the law and his Mormon roots. Already conflicted over the Mormon practice of polygamy, his life becomes more complex when he falls for the lovely but outspoken Jessica Lorena McKenzie. The two could not be more different; he was raised Mormon, and she is a born-again Christian. Their relationship results in Cal being confronted with a profound reappraisal of his understanding of God.

Will love go unrequited? Is there any future for a wanted man? Suffering from self-condemnation, he considers himself a man beyond redemption. But is he? Miss McKenzie doesn't think so, but she doesn't know what Cal knows: He is wanted for the most notorious crime in the territory.

In Beyond Redemption, readers are transported back to the Wild West, as author Mark Swarbrick brings to life a thrilling adventure of love, justice, and redemption. With its attention to historical detail, action-packed western scenes, and godly character values, readers will find themselves captivated by its authenticity, realism, and suspense.

This historical novel - with details based on actual events - has plenty of action: gunfights, stage robberies, and holdups, but more than that, it presents life and death, love and longing, against a backdrop of the struggle between good and evil in the Wild West.

If you enjoy James Michener's attention to historical detail, Louis L'Amour's action westerns, and the godly character values reflected by Laura Ingalls Wilder, then you will love Beyond Redemption, an account that takes you back in time to see the people of the Wild West as they actually were.

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ISBN: 9798861734233
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 30th, 2023
Pages: 318
Language: English