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The School for Scandal (Paperback)

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VERJUICE. That is in as fine a Train as your Ladyship could wish. I told the story yesterday to my own maid with directions to communicate it directly to my Hairdresser. He I am informed has a Brother who courts a Milliners' Prentice in Pallmall whose mistress has a first cousin whose sister is Feme Femme] de Chambre to Mrs. Clackit-so that in the common course of Things it must reach Mrs. Clackit's Ears within four-and-twenty hours and then you know the Business is as good as done. LADY SNEERWELL. Why truly Mrs. Clackit has a very pretty Talent-a great deal of industry-yet-yes-been tolerably successful in her way-To my knowledge she has been the cause of breaking off six matches , ] of three sons being disinherited and four Daughters being turned out of Doors. Of three several Elopements, as many close confinements-nine separate maintenances and two Divorces.-nay I have more than once traced her causing a Tete-a-Tete in the Town and Country Magazine-when the Parties perhaps had never seen each other's Faces before in the course of their Lives.