Fortress of the Muslim For The Whole Year: My +365 Days of Intensif Prayer Gratitude Journal Duas Quran english arabic Transliteration &Translation: I By Quran &. Islamic Prayer Duas Publishing Cover Image

Fortress of the Muslim For The Whole Year: My +365 Days of Intensif Prayer Gratitude Journal Duas Quran english arabic Transliteration &Translation: I (Paperback)

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You can give it as a Gift to your Muslim or New-Muslim Friends*****
Let's get closer to Almighty God: By This Daily Program & Prayer Journal with Duas Verses ** transliteration and translation**

** Each Doua has 30 cells in the table so 30 days, to fill each day a cell by the number of repetitions of the dhikr or of prayers. 8 pages of douas must be completed each day, of the book, to finally finish the prayers of a month. and continue in the same way the following month**.
The most important and greatest remembrance and worship with faith and righteous deeds is: reciting the Qur'an and reflecting on it, studying its meanings and reflecting on it, especially before sunrise, before sunset and at night because God Almighty said:

﴾ 1]O thou wrapped up in thy raiment 2] Keep vigil the night long, save a little 3] A half thereof, or abate a little thereof 4] Or add (a little) thereto - and read ( study ) the Qur'an in measure ﴿ Surat EL-MUZAMIL
﴾ (This is) a Scripture that We have revealed unto thee, full of blessing, that they may ponder its revelations (that they may reflect on its verses), and that men of understanding may reflect. ﴿ Surat SAD
Worshiping God intensively and Doing Many good deeds, also Fix & Correct mistakes toward God and People " Rectification ", In order to obtain the pleasure and satisfaction of Almighty God to us and to win paradise, God willing.
The best opportunity to get closer to Almighty God, by intensifying the prayers "Duas and Dhikr" and beneficence ... etc, so that sins and misdeeds will be forgiven and also deliverance from hell, God willing. This daily program and this worship plan, will help you organize and plan your goals and deeds for this Year, it is mainly represented by:

  • Repentance & Regret and asking forgiveness from Almighty God
  • Thanks and recognition of all that Allah has given us.
  • understand the Quran "Reflection" & Memorize at least one verse a day, this helps to vary the prayer with various verses
  • Praise and Supplication
  • Charity for orphans and the poor & Help parents and be at their service & Help family members and the community & do good in society & assist people and solve their problems .... etc.

I advise you and me to believe and do good deeds, then do good deeds, then do good deeds in yourselves, in your family, Relatives and the Community, For the sake of God's pleasure, to win heaven and the paradise of bliss incha Allah.

It can be given as a gift to all Muslims and also to new muslims. ** Large Format **

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