Vistas of Special Functions II By Haruo Tsukada, Shigeru Kanemitsu, Kalyan Chakraborty Cover Image

Vistas of Special Functions II (Hardcover)

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This book (Vista II), is a sequel to Vistas of Special Functions (World Scientific, 2007), in which the authors made a unification of several formulas scattered around the relevant literature under the guiding principle of viewing them as manifestations of the functional equations of associated zeta-functions. In Vista II, which maintains the spirit of the theory of special functions through zeta-functions, the authors base their theory on a theorem which gives some arithmetical Fourier series as intermediate modular relations -- avatars of the functional equations. Vista II gives an organic and elucidating presentation of the situations where special functions can be effectively used. Vista II will provide the reader ample opportunity to find suitable formulas and the means to apply them to practical problems for actual research. It can even be used during tutorials for paper writing.

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ISBN: 9789814273978
ISBN-10: 981427397X
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Publication Date: November 30th, 2009
Pages: 292
Language: English