I Love You Leo A. Transit Station (Galician Wave #10) Cover Image

I Love You Leo A. Transit Station (Galician Wave #10) (Paperback)

By Rosa Aneiros, Jonathan Dunne (Translator)
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In this second instalment of Leo's travelling adventures, Leo, a university graduate, has been travelling on her own for three months. She finds herself on the outskirts of Ankara, the capital of Turkey, after visiting the famous rock churches of Cappadocia. She returns to Istanbul, hoping to find her current boyfriend in the hotel room where she left him. A moment of panic causes her to lash out and buy a one-way ticket to Prague, where she hooks up with a group of Americans, practises her English and tours Bohemia with its ups and downs. She then dresses up as a Vestal Virgin to see if she can fool the man of her dreams in the Roman Forum. Another misunderstanding almost leads to disaster, but the other members of Ruth & Co. - the group of buskers who are a joy for the pocket and a heaviness for the heart - prevent this, and together they travel to Siena, Bologna and Venice in Italy before Leo decides it is time to visit her favourite aunt in Paris. Along the way, Leo continues to come across graffiti that says 'I Love You Leo A.' - who is the anonymous author of these messages that pursue her wherever she goes?

Product Details
ISBN: 9789543840557
ISBN-10: 9543840555
Publisher: Small Stations Press
Publication Date: September 25th, 2016
Pages: 256
Language: English
Series: Galician Wave