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The Islamic Faith (Paperback)

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Chapter 1 Islam is the religion of all prophets and the true and everlasting religion.

Chapter 2 Interpretation of Islam: What is in God's book may be interpreted only

through the Sunnah, the understanding of the Prophet's companions and

analogy with these.

Chapter 3 The right owed to God by His servants: Unbelievers incur punishment in

hell but this does not negate granting them bene����ts in this life.

Chapter 4 Faith, disbelief and hypocrisy: Which property enjoys sanctity? - Who is

considered unbeliever? - The status of ignorant people whether deliberately

or by inability.

Chapter 5 The nature of faith: What is faith? - Faith may increase or decrease. -

What proves it and who has excuses.

Chapter 6 God's names and attributes: Their con����rmation or negation. - God's will.

- Are His attributes comparable with those of others?

Chapter 7 God's words and the Qur'an: The Qur'an is His word, whether spoken or

written. - The ruling regarding anyone who claims that it is a creature.

Chapter 8 The nature of religious truth: The relation between religious text and


Chapter 9 God's legislation for religion and life: Both are the same. - God's law is

suited for all generations. - Deduction of rulings is only in cases where

no religious text applies.

Chapter 10 God's determination of destiny: His will and cause and effect.

Chapter 11 The inevitability of death: Resurrection, reckoning, reward and punishment,

and other matters related to the life to come.

Chapter 12 The Muslim community: Its leader and the obedience due to him. - Conditions

of his authority and the ruling regarding rebellion. - What is due

to him from his people and the place of scholars.

Chapter 13 Jihad: Its types and conditions. - Intention and obedience of the leader of

the Muslim community.

Chapter 14 The status of the Prophet's companions and their distinction: The best of

them and the consequences of speaking ill of them. - How to regard their


Chapter 15 Who may be ruled as unbeliever and on what basis: The claim that a

particular person will be in heaven or hell.

Chapter 16 Servitude and the nature and extent of freedom.

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