Brunelleschi: The Genius of the Dome By Stefania Cottiglia (Text by (Art/Photo Books)), Andrea Orani (Illustrator) Cover Image

Brunelleschi: The Genius of the Dome (Hardcover)

By Stefania Cottiglia (Text by (Art/Photo Books)), Andrea Orani (Illustrator)
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- A detailed narration of the life of one of the masters of Renaissance, Filippo Brunelleschi - An interactive way to approach the cultural revolution of the 15th century - Text by Stefania Cottiglia, architecture expert and drawings by Andrea Orani, master of design - Contains a cut-out model of the famous Florentine Dome Written by Stefania Cottiglia, who for years has been unveiling architecture's mysteries to young adults, this book's ambition is to convey the fervor of the Renaissance's cradle through the architect that created its symbol: Brunelleschi and his Dome. The volume is enriched with vivid illustrations created by Andrea Orani, a master of design. The book details Filippo Brunelleschi's ventures: from being a goldsmith apprentice to becoming the winner of the contest for the new door of the Battistero, passing through his Roman period and finishes at his completion of the Dome for Florence's cathedral, which put him in the history books. Step by step, the reader will understand how the Dome symbolized a whole new concept of the world. Thanks to the cut-out model, young readers will be able to build a reproduction of the 'Cupola', becoming active stars of the cultural revolution of the 15th century.

About the Author

An architecture graduate, Stefania Cottiglia designs, coordinates and manufactures teaching materials and workshops for children, teenagers, adults, the elderly and their families, in both museums and kindergartens. Illustrations by Andrea Orani who has been making highly appreciated historical and scientific illustrations for over 25 years.

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ISBN: 9788874613991
ISBN-10: 8874613997
Publisher: Mandragora
Publication Date: December 15th, 2020
Pages: 32
Language: English