Al Uboodiyah: Being a True Slave of Allah By Taqiudin Ibn Taymiyah, Abdallah M. Mekkaoui (Translator) Cover Image

Al Uboodiyah: Being a True Slave of Allah (Paperback)

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Al-'Uboodiyah, literally, is that state in which a person subdues himself with humility and love to the will of someone else. One can easily enslave himself to any created being. This type of 'Uboodiyah surely leads to sadness, humiliation, and transgression; it is then the enslavement by false idols. But devoting oneself to the Creator (swt) of all the beings and submitting to His (awj) Command leads to nothing but happiness, nobility and justice; and that is the beloved 'Uboodiyah.

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ISBN: 9788119005222
ISBN-10: 8119005228
Publisher: Maktaba Islamia
Publication Date: August 17th, 2023
Pages: 146
Language: English