Best Ever Childhood Memories 1980s Word Search Entertainment: Things Only A 80s Kid Will Remember Word Search Book for Adults By Jordan Lamb Cover Image

Best Ever Childhood Memories 1980s Word Search Entertainment: Things Only A 80s Kid Will Remember Word Search Book for Adults (Paperback)

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Relive Your Best Ever Childhood Memories of the 1980s with this Fun Word Search Puzzle Collection

With this captivating adult word search book, you can enjoy a fantastic journey back to the magical days of your youth. It includes 100 puzzles inspired by pop culture that all 80s kids will remember:

  • Step back in time to the rad eighties and the era of neon colors, Pac-Man, and Michael Jackson.
  • Relive the days of TV shows like "Thundercats" and "Knight Rider".
  • Rediscover the excitement you felt when unwrapping a Rubik's Cube or Teddy Ruxpin on Christmas Day.

This book of 100 word searches is designed to take you on a journey through the decade, highlighting the music, toys, cartoons, comics, and other cultural touchstones that defined your childhood - even breakfast cereals

Give the Gift of Nostalgia with this Cool Word Search Book for 1980s Kids

Struggling to find the perfect birthday gift for adults in your life? Look no further. This unique and thoughtful gift is the perfect present for anyone born in the 80s who loves adult word games and reliving the good old days.

Imagine the look of pure delight on their face as they unwrap this beautifully crafted time capsule. With each new puzzle, they will be whisked away to a bygone era, reliving the magical moments that shaped their childhood. It's a heartfelt gift that will evoke emotions, ignite nostalgia, and bring them closer to their fondest memories.

It's a reminder of the cartoons, toys, snacks, music, movies, and the joyous adventures from their childhood.

Nostalgic Puzzles You Won't Find Anywhere Else

  • Each word search puzzle has been painstakingly researched and lovingly handcrafted, ensuring a unique experience that sets it apart from mass-produced books
  • Take a break from all that fancy technology and sharpen a pencil for some good old-fashioned word finding fun.
  • Laughter and excitement will fill the air as your party goers race to uncover hidden words from their favorite childhood memories at your awesome 80s party
  • Comes complete with solutions to all puzzles, giving you confidence that the answers are just a flip away.

So, put on some Madonna, open a can of New Coke, and grab a pen as you relive your childhood while solving some seriously rad word searches

Product Details
ISBN: 9783985520961
ISBN-10: 3985520968
Publisher: Life in Puzzle
Publication Date: May 30th, 2023
Pages: 124
Language: English