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Kangaroos The Ultimate Kangaroo Book for Kids: 100+ Amazing Kangaroo Facts, Photos, Quiz and More (Hardcover)

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"The Pouch-Perfect Guide to Kangaroos"

Hey there, kangaroo lovers Get ready to hop into a world of adventure with The Ultimate Kangaroo Book for Kids, perfect for curious minds aged 9 and up. Australian non-fiction author Jenny Kellett brings you the most amazing, fun, and intriguing facts about these fascinating creatures, along with a detailed description of different species.

You won't be able to resist these adorable marsupials and their unique ways of life. From pouch-dwelling joeys to their incredible hopping skills and even their ability to freeze embryos, kangaroos are simply extraordinary

With over 100 captivating facts and stunning high-resolution photos, your child will be fully immersed in the exciting world of kangaroos. Plus, the print version includes a super-fun word search to keep the adventure going.

Did you know?

  1. Kangaroos don't sweat because they don't have any sweat glands.They can't walk backward - talk about a one-way hop Most kangaroos are actually left-handed.

These cool facts and many more await in this beautifully illustrated kangaroo book for kids. With over 20 eye-catching photos, even early readers and adults will adore this journey into the world of kangaroos. It's the perfect way to encourage reading while teaching children about these amazing animals.

Ideal for long car rides and cozy bedtime reading, The Ultimate Kangaroo Book for Kids will turn your child into a kangaroo expert in no time So, what are you waiting for? Scroll up, click Buy Now, and let the hopping-good adventure begin

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Publication Date: May 10th, 2024
Pages: 88
Language: English