Computer programming: The Most Complete Crash Course for Learning The Perfect Skills To Coding Your Project Even If You Are an Absolute Begi By Michail Kölling, Coding Hood Cover Image

Computer programming: The Most Complete Crash Course for Learning The Perfect Skills To Coding Your Project Even If You Are an Absolute Begi (Paperback)

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When you start programming from scratch, you are faced with a difficult choice: which language to choose? What is the best language to start programming?

Imagine learning to program in a language only to discover that it is not used by companies, or that it is in great demand, but not what you were planning to do.

Maybe you dreamed of developing smartphone applications and instead you find yourself building websites

Wouldn't you like to be able to choose your first programming language having all this information at your disposal?

This complete and exhaustive Manual will guide you in the computer programming world, introducing you to the best programs that will be useful also for developing your career, even if you are an absolute beginner.

In this book you will:

- Learn Python and understand why it has consistently ranked in the top ten most popular programming languages. You will be able to master it at its best, as required by the business market today, no career will be precluded if you know this extraordinary computer programming.

- Understand How to Manipulate Data with SQL to query and modify database data. You will learn how to insert, update, and delete records from tables using SQL statements

- Be Able To Create Games or Apps with CC+ or C#, to get the perfect coding skills to develop the video game of your dreams, both for your own entertainment or making some money out of it

- Discover How To Use Raspberry PI, the tiny computer that allows you to harness tech skills and let imaginations run wild. It enables people of all ages to explore computing and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python.

- Have the Chance to Practice What You Learn with many examples and exercises of projects and codes with step-by-step explanations accompanied by illustrative images and tables.

- ... & Lot More

Deciding which computer programming language to learn isn't quite so straightforward; it all depends on what your goal is, what task you want to achieve, or what problem you need to solve.

It may be more beneficial for your career to learn one of the "dreaded" computer programming languages, as you'll be more in demand.

You can find and learn all these dreaded" computer programming languages in this definitive Crash Course that will make all of them easy to use and understand.

You will get all the necessary skills to face the computer programming world at your best, even if you start from scratch, and will be so easy to do with this book in your hands that you will be asked yourself why you haven't start early

Don't keep on wasting your time...

Order Your Copy Now and Start Coding Like a Pro

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