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Destination Cyprus: An American's Story: Misfortune, Discovery, Revival (Paperback)

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Description- Destination Cyprus - An American's Story - Misfortune, Discovery, Revival A planned trip to the author's parents homeland, Cyprus, brings with it a host of challenges and new realizations of what it takes to live a life that is both spiritually meaningful and productive. When Jim and his wife Nicole decide to take a few months and visit the Republic of Cyprus, they are thrust into a situation where their love for each other is put to the challenge and where each discovers what is important in their life. As we follow their adventure, we learn about the many ways Cyprus differs from New York City and the United States and how two Americans make an attempt to adapt to Greek Cypriot customs, the weather and the many different ways that this small island in the mediterranean makes seemingly accepted norms in the United States seem so difficult. For example, if you order wifi for your home or flat (apartment) then you have to wait for one or two months for installation. Unheard of in most developed countries. We learn about negotiation or bargaining, Cyprus style and how the banking system differs from any other country. If you are thinking of traveling to Cyprus, whether on vacation or for a stay, then this book will be invaluable as the author talks about the day-to-day challenges and requirements needed to live a life devoid of obstacles that will derail your visit. From the situation with drivers, to smokers to where to stay and where to avoid, you will gain an insight from someone that lived it and barely lived to talk about it. This is a true story about Cyprus living. A sad, shocking story about betrayal and grief. And an uplifting story about fighting, winning and discovering oneself.

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ISBN: 9781983482212
ISBN-10: 1983482218
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: January 18th, 2018
Pages: 70
Language: English