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Anthi Rose Learns to Skateboard (Paperback)

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Young Anthi Rose dreams of getting a skateboard as a present for her birthday. She wants to play outside with her neighborhood friends and the "cool kids," as she sees them whizzing around the sidewalk outside her window every day. Once she gets her skateboard, Anthi Rose finds that skateboarding is NOT as easy as it looks. So, she puts the skateboard and helmet in the closet, thinking that she will never learn to skateboard. Her Grandmama has always encouraged her to pursue whatever Anthi Rose wants to try, but this time Anthi Rose is not encouraged by her grandmother. So clever Grandmama finds another way to "show" Anthi Rose how she can overcome her fears and learn to master the skateboard. Grandmama guides Anthi Rose to observe a brown field mouse's behavior in order to encourage her to get back on that skateboard again. See what lesson the field mouse teaches Anthi Rose. Readers will also be able to search for eight hidden letters embedded in the illustrations, which will give them the key as to how to succeed at anything they choose to try. This book is targeted for the young reader, grade levels 1-4, but is also a read-aloud to younger children. Robin Boyer's illustration are colorful, delightful and "spot-on" when it comes to the telling the story. The brown field mouse is adorable and children will anxiously want to read to find out how the mouse helps Anthi Rose get back on the skateboard.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781977247490
ISBN-10: 1977247490
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: October 21st, 2021
Pages: 30
Language: English