The Write 2 Heal: It's not about the sight lost, but vision gained By Lynette Eberhardt, Samuel Jonita Gates, Stacie Leap Cover Image

The Write 2 Heal: It's not about the sight lost, but vision gained (Paperback)

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Oh, Chicken Thunder Oh, how I wonder?

When someone would tap along and rescue me from being sandwiched between these two hardbacks, sorry, did I frighten you? You never heard or seen a talking book. Well, me either. The majority of the time, I am the only one in the room, or shall I say, "on the shelf?" So many humans walk right past me, playing blind games by pretending not to see that the struggle is real. Talk about the lack of accessibility. Pardon me if I appear cranky, not to mention dusty because of social isolation. I often experience common barriers such as being overlooked, underpaid, and underestimated, fostering stagnate behavior.

Don't get me misconstrued; I thank God that you were led to give me an opportunity to be read. Brailling right along, all I ever wanted was for society to be blinded by my ambition and not my disability. Please take a moment to witness the abilities that I possess, along with education and life experiences. I am an open book, perfectly designed by ten OUTTA SIGHT Visionaries with insight that one can see beyond 20/20 without 20/20. Truthfully, it took them to lose sight to gain the vision to see better days. But, they chose to live and write to heal.

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ISBN: 9781955235105
ISBN-10: 1955235104
Publisher: Phoenix Publishing House, LLC
Publication Date: March 22nd, 2022
Pages: 142
Language: English