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Perspectives: Dossier Amber (Paperback)

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When a conspiracy spans the globe, you must understand all sides of the war.

A young man fights for his life in Soviet Russia. A brave Faction team tries to save a young Refined. A doctor uncovers a murky mystery beneath his hospital.

Disjointed in time and space, these stories will provide more questions than answers. Read closely, for inside the pages of Perspectives, you'll receive the keys to begin unlocking Dossier Amber.

Continue your journey alongside the heroes of the Faction. Read Book III today.

Tyler Hanson's debut series, The Faction, is a series of novels set in a timeline not too unlike our own, where conspiracies are connected by sinister means. Outcast heroes travel through an altered history as they learn their limits. What are they willing to sacrifice to undo these urban legends?

If you enjoy the creeping conspiracy of The Matrix and the super-powered antics of The X-Men, then The Faction series is a must-read.

Books of the Faction
Personnel: Dossier Feldgrau (Book I)

Conscription: Dossier Feldgrau (Book II)

Perspectives: Dossier Amber (Book III)

Refinement: Dossier Amber (Book IV, Fall 2020)

Infection: Dossier Carmine (Book V, Winter 2021)

Somnambulists: Dossier Fuchsia (Book VI, 2021)

Revision: Dossier Fuchsia (Book VII, 2021)

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ISBN: 9781952706028
ISBN-10: 1952706025
Publisher: Draft2digital
Publication Date: May 29th, 2020
Pages: 136
Language: English