Poverty Powerball: Turn Adversity Into Your Winning Ticket By Derrich Phillips, Tracy Hundley (Editor) Cover Image

Poverty Powerball: Turn Adversity Into Your Winning Ticket (Hardcover)

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✓ Do you face life challenges that threaten to defeat you?

✓ Have you ever thought that life just isn't fair, or the deck is stacked against you?

✓ Are you ready to have a rethink and find ways to overcome your problems?

The principles in Poverty Powerball will inspire and empower you to overcome adversity and achieve prosperity.Millions of people just like you are born into poverty every year and millions will remain in it for their entire lives, unable to escape its grinding misery, danger, and hopelessness. But poverty does not have to define who you are or what you become.
In this book, you will discover that many before you have encountered and overcome the exact same challenges you face and that you can beat those challenges too.

In a varied and interesting life, Derrich grew up in poverty in one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. Throughout his childhood, Derrich battled extreme adversity. He navigated an environment plagued by gangs, drugs, and violence. Derrich overcame these obstacles to proudly serve in Iraq and Afghanistan and to lead cybersecurity teams at Fortune 500 Companies. Now he is fulfilling his life's purpose, empowering people to adapt to change, overcome adversity, and accelerate success.

Once you understand and truly believe that poverty isn't something you are stuck with, you can make smart life choices that will transform your prospects. As a result, you will break the cycle of poverty and live a prosperous life.

Get a copy of Poverty Powerball and turn adversity into your winning ticket.

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ISBN: 9781950715046
ISBN-10: 1950715043
Publisher: Mentor Select
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2019
Pages: 120
Language: English