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American Terrorist (Paperback)

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"Inspiring, disturbing, and triumphant." -- FOREWORD

Embedded with an eco-terrorist group hellbent on explosive direct action, investigative journalist Owen Graham is enmeshed in a dangerous culture on the political fringe. Ordinary citizens, frustrated by inequality and oppression and a bureaucracy's resistance to change, are starting to go off the grid and disrupt the status quo. But the fringe is poised to go mainstream, and Owen's days as a passive observer are running short.

While a series of escalating misunderstandings land an idealistic public school teacher in the middle of a hostage situation and the sights of an overeager federal agent who has been trailing Owen for months, he intervenes in a desperate split-second decision. Owen's old life is gone forever. Now he's on the run with a trio of fellow crusaders, all fighting for a better world but now labeled as terrorists by the government. Disparate people on all sides, each convinced they're right - and doing the right thing -- are now spinning towards each other in an inexorable spiral of violence.

AMERICAN TERRORIST is a high-speed chase across the country in search of radical solutions to injustice, inspiring a movement that may be snuffed out before it starts.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781949518085
ISBN-10: 1949518086
Publisher: Wave Blue World Inc
Publication Date: November 10th, 2020
Pages: 224
Language: English