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The Adventures of Sylvie Sedan (Paperback)

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See the world as you've never seen it before: through eyes and "eyelights."

The Adventures of Sylvie Sedan alternates between two unique points-of-view, car and human. Welcome to a world where cars and humans can communicate with each other Sylvie Sedan and her running buddy, Ginger, must overcome many obstacles before passing the Oklahoma drive test. Sylvie calls upon her car friend Summer Sky to help revive Ginger's love for driving during a New York City vacation, but she doesn't realize that the Worldwide Wheels and Vehicles Association simultaneously puts pressure on Summer Sky to accomplish the same task Carmony--the essential bond between car and human--will be disturbed across the globe if both running buddies cannot carmonize and navigate roads. To further complicate matters, Sylvie and Ginger both suffer from recurring "drive-mares" which spell failure past and present.

In this overcomer story, the two friends discover that road tests really never end. They tackle highway hurdles and near-accidents. The two also grow in ways that transcend driving. Their adventures shatter stereotypes and show the true meaning of friendship--and what a drive to succeed really looks like. Hop into Sylvie Sedan and allow her to take you on an unforgettable journey that will move your heart or engine heart. A journey that will lead to laughs, tears, and gasolears too. And a journey that reminds us to drive with confidence and enthusiasm because every stoplight along life's road can turn green with a little faith and fight.

With more than 45 interior illustrations, two adventurous main characters, and vivid storytelling, this YA fiction read will rev up spirits of people age 5 to 105

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ISBN: 9781942451228
ISBN-10: 1942451229
Publisher: Yorkshire Publishing
Publication Date: September 2nd, 2016
Pages: 278
Language: English