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Chinese Grammar Wiki BOOK: Just the Basics (Paperback)

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The Chinese Grammar Wiki began in 2012 as a modest website with a bold vision: to record all of the grammar structures in the Chinese language, categorize them by difficulty level, explain each one in clear, jargon-free English, and link them all together. Initially the wiki was a resource exclusively for the clients of AllSet Learning's Shanghai-based learning consultancy. But several years later, its popularity among learners had exploded and the Chinese Grammar Wiki has become the #1 online resource for Chinese grammar among independent learners and university students alike.

This book covers in detail the basic 26 grammar points a beginner needs to master in order to start using and comprehending Mandarin Chinese.

This book features:

  • Beginner's Guide introduction provided as a starting point
  • Each of 26 grammar points has been carefully selected for beginners
  • Each grammar point is explained in plain language, dropping technical grammatical terms whenever possible
  • At least 10 clear, useful example sentences for each grammar point, accompanied with pinyin and English translations
  • Common mistakes with corrections provided where relevant
  • Related grammar points are all interlinked, allowing learners to form connections between similar grammar points
  • The book's content was produced by the AllSet Learning staff in Shanghai, representing dozens of contributors (both native speakers of Chinese and leaners of Chinese)
  • Foreword by linguist Dr. David Moser, author of the well-known "Why Chinese is So Damn Hard"
  • All content edited by John Pasden, seasoned expert in Chinese learning

The 26 grammar points contained in this book are also contained in the longer "Elementary" book; this book is intended as a shorter introduction for beginners who are just looking for a taste in the Chinese Grammar Wiki's learner-friendly format.

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ISBN: 9781941875384
ISBN-10: 1941875386
Publisher: Mind Spark Press
Publication Date: March 8th, 2018
Pages: 112
Language: English