Plant Based High Protein Cookbook: 75 Delicious High-Protein Vegan Recipes to Develop Muscle Growth, Improve Athletic Performance and Recovery, Boost Cover Image

Plant Based High Protein Cookbook: 75 Delicious High-Protein Vegan Recipes to Develop Muscle Growth, Improve Athletic Performance and Recovery, Boost (Hardcover)

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Are you looking for new and tasty recipes for improving your Plant-Based Nutrition? Then keep reading...

One of the most shared and well-known structures in our body that rely on proteins is our muscles. Muscles are attached to the bones, thus allowing us to move and function daily. While this is most obvious, the organs in our body use internal muscles to make sure that we are working and ensuring every part is doing exactly what it is intended to do. Even though several parts of our body are not made of proteins, they tend to be held together by proteins. This includes our nervous system, organs, and blood vessels. This should show you why proteins are so important in our diet.

Are you still with me? I hope you are. Don't be intimidated by the information I just shared with you. It may seem very complicated, but it is nothing to psyche you out Just follow the book and I will continue to guide you through all of this.

Without a diet that contains proper protein nutrition, you would lack the components needed for tissue repair, proteins to support enzymes and hormones for metabolic functions, and the aid to antibodies that help in the defense against germs and infections. While all of this may scare you away from the vegan diet or to over-consume proteins, don't do this. I say this for several reasons...

First, if you want to follow a vegan diet, I'm actually going to show you that it is very possible, with all the recipes in this book Second, if you go crazy and overload proteins into your body, this can affect your body in negative ways. Yes, there are issues if you don't have the needed amount, and yes there are issues if you get too much protein into your system. Finding the right healthy protein balance is an important thing to keep in mind when living the vegan lifestyle.

The goal of this book is simple: to show you that having high-protein meals within a Plant-Based Diet is simpler than you think

You will learn:

  • What are Macro and Micro Nutrients
  • Plant-Based Supplements. Do we Really Need Them?
  • Breakfasts Recipes
  • Nutrient-Packed Protein Salads
  • Staple Launches Recipes
  • Whole Food Dinners
  • Quick Energy & Recovery Snacks
  • 28-Day Meal Plan
  • Flavor Boosters (Fish Glazes, Meat Rubs & Fish Rubs)
  • Sauce Recipes
  • Tools & Tips for Quick and Efficient Cooking
  • Soaking and Cooking Staple Foods
  • How to Stay Healthy While Eating Plant-Based
  • And Much More

Where most books only focus on low-calorie diets that promise weight loss but don't deliver on taste, this book goes further, explaining how you can get healthy and stay healthy within the Vegan lifestyle

Learning to cook Vegan will give you a new lease on life. Even if you are a beginner, you will enjoy these recipes again and again. You will find the ingredients easily, and they are also easy to make and delicious.

Tired of buying cookbooks for low-calorie or low-carb diets and setting them on a shelf because they're not practical? This Cookbook will give you all kinds of new ideas. Forget the same old boring salads you've eaten for years. Try these recipes instead

It is time to say Stop to those low-cal frozen dinners and processed foods. Learn to love the foods that will keep your body healthier and leaner

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