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Defend yourself from dark psychology and learn to become the master of your mind.

Have you recently escaped a friendship or a relationship with a manipulator? Are you searching for a detailed, honest look at dark psychology and the emotional manipulation tricks that people use to control you? Or do you want to discover the subtle signs and red flags that somebody might be a manipulator?

Far too many people invite manipulators into their life because they miss all of the key red flags which these people possess. This can lead to toxic relationships, harmful friendships, or even a strained family life because you don't know how to recognize and defeat manipulation techniques. But what if you could learn to spot harmful people and pick up on all those red flags before the manipulation even begins? And how would your life change if you knew how to shut down emotional blackmail and turn mental control back on your manipulator?

With a cutting-edge selection of 21 proven strategies, this ultimate handbook arms you with the latest knowledge in dark psychology and manipulation. Taking a deep dive into the subtle manipulation skills that harmful people use, along with how you can learn to analyze people and spot manipulators, this brilliant guide shows you how to never fall victim to manipulation again.

Plus, with a selection of tricks to become better at persuasion and use to your advantage, now you can master the unspoken art of dark psychology and stop manipulators in their tracks.

Here's just a little of what you'll find inside:

  • An Analysis of Dark Psychology and The 4 Personality Traits of The Dark Triad
  • The Top Ways To Spot An Attempt At Manipulation
  • Why Do People Want To Manipulate You? Exploring The Motives of a Manipulator
  • How To Escape Mind Control, Brainwashing, and Dark NLP
  • Essential Methods For Spotting Emotional Manipulation and Deception
  • Powerful Persuasion Techniques You Need To Know
  • And a Brilliant Selection of Strategies For Stopping a Manipulator In Their Tracks

Even if you're brand-new to the idea of dark psychology, this ultimate guide gives you a crash course in this powerful skill. With common-sense advice and a down-to-earth tone, you'll uncover the details of brainwashing, mind control, and persuasion in an all-new light, providing you with an eye-opening breakdown of all the hidden red flags that you've always missed. If you want to make sure you never fall for a manipulator, or if you simply want to become more persuasive in your daily life, then you've come to the right place.

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ISBN: 9781914146237
ISBN-10: 1914146239
Publisher: Sannainvest Ltd
Publication Date: November 16th, 2020
Pages: 216
Language: English