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The Happy Commuter: Over 100 ways to improve and enjoy your commute (Paperback)

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Featured on BBC Radio and by the Evening Standard newspaper

Commuting is bad for you. Really bad for you. If you commute for more than 45 minutes a day in each direction, you are more likely to be overweight, suffer from anxiety, stress, depression and social isolation. You are more likely to sleep badly and be exhausted, have high blood sugar (which could lead to diabetes), high blood pressure and cholesterol (which could lead to heart attacks) and experience neck and back pain. You may have lower life satisfaction and happiness than people who do not commute. Oh, and you are 40% more likely to get divorced. There are 500 million commuters in the world. Something has to change.

The Happy Commuter contains over a hundred ways to improve your commute. In it you'll find out how to get comfortable, identify your needs, stretch your mind, look after your body, nurture your soul, indulge your passions, advance your career, free up your free time - or just change your commute altogether. The perfect gift for anyone who commutes and those starting a new job.

Featured on BBC Radio, Radio 5 Live, Radio Television Suisse, the Petite2Queen podcast, and in the Evening Standard newspaper.

The Happy Commuter is specifically targeted at transforming your journey into the office into one of the best parts of your day. I spy a bestseller. The Evening Standard newspaper

If you want to add interest to your commute or make it a time you can use more productively, this is the book for you. It will certainly change your attitude - it may even change your life. Peta Cottee, Director at Partners in Time, time management specialists

Five star reviews from Amazon and Goodreads readersThis read will help you to find ways to de-stress.This book could change your life.Melissa has provided a number of easy changes I can make to enhance my life, just by using my commute more productively.Truly meaningful and very useful in our daily life.

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About author Melissa AddeyYou can read about me and my books (and get a free novella) on my website, I mainly write historical fiction, focusing on the Forbidden City in China's 18th century (now complete) and Morocco in the 11th century (completing soon). Next up, Ancient Rome I'm in the final year of my Creative Writing PhD and was the 2016 Leverhulme Trust Writer in Residence at the British Library. In 2019 I won the Page to Podcast competition as well as the Novel London award.

About the Author

I grew up on an organic farm in Italy and was home educated. Along the way I've worked for Sainsbury's head office looking after the organic range of products as well as developing new products and packaging; for Roehampton University developing student entrepreneurs; done a Masters focused on creativity and worked as a business consultant on a government scheme for over six years offering mentoring, advice, training and grants to small businesses, mostly in the food sector. I now live in London with my husband, young son and toddler daughter, looking after the kids and writing. In 2016 I'll be the Leverhulme Trust's Writer in Residence at the British Library.

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ISBN: 9781910940037
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Publisher: Letterpress Publishing
Publication Date: February 4th, 2016
Pages: 250
Language: English