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Plant-Based Diet Cookbook with Pictures: Delicious, Whole-Food, Plant-Based Recipes to Cook Every Day for Busy People (Hardcover)

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If you are battling with weight challenges why not try out the low-calorie recipes? You don't have to go fully blown vegan rather every once in a while, killing those meat cravings the right way. Over time you will realize the benefits of eating plant foods.

A plant-based diet plan is a complete change of lifestyle, which is why it does not follow any strict rules for its configuration.

Plant-based diets are really popular nowadays, and you might have heard about some of its advantages. In the long run, this diet can help you not only with your health but also your energy and make some changes that can completely change your life. You can easily find the basics of a plant-based diet in this book, it includes what you should eat, what to avoid, the benefits it has, and some recipes for beginners like you to start this new lifestyle.

If you want to start a plant-based diet but don't know exactly where to start, don't worry This book is just for you. Here you can find everything so you can make this change easy and also enjoy it. Here you can find the answers to your questions, advice, and some techniques that you may need.

Some good news is that a plant-based diet makes your body stronger, so it can resist many types of chronic diseases. Some effects of these diseases can be limited or controlled, while others can be completely eliminated.

Weight loss is based on a nutrient-dense diet, and it's all that is needed to achieve your goals. So, if you have been trying to lose weight, now is the time to make that difference Read patiently and carefully every section of this cookbook, and you'll understand what it is essential to know about this plant-based diet. You'll find it really interesting.

This book covers:

  • Introduction to plant-based diets
  • Benefits of plant-based diet
  • Why athletes do best with a plant-based diet
  • Plant-based diets and their famous followers
  • How to switch to a plant-based diet
  • Plant based diet recipes
  • What ingredients go into plant-based dishes?
  • Proven tips for 3-week meal planning for weight loss
  • Plant-based diet shopping list

And much more

As you enjoy the recipes, share out with your family and friends and let every meal tell a tale. This cookbook gives you the opportunity to nourish yourself in a simple, affordable, and delicious way. Start cooking with these plant-based recipes today as making this change could save your life Now it's your time to change your life

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