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Driver's License to Kill (Paperback)

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This book reveals the hardships single mothers face in raising future athletes, their dedication and love for them. These athletes succeed against all odds. The realization of a son about the sacrifices a single mother makes by spending the prime of her youth in raising him by working double jobs and wear and tear it inflicts on a woman's body and her features. He cries in secret and decides that he will be there for her and try to do everything to make her happy and comfort her in the best way when he makes it big.

The book also tells the story of an intelligent, beautiful, goddess-like woman. Her purity, her values, and her sanctity show us that there are brave women in this world who can withstand worldly temptations. She ends up meeting a greedy and selfish man in the guise of a preacher who falls madly in love with her. He makes every effort to impress her and wants to take her away from the church where she was an assistant administrator. This book shows us their meetings and how the spell of her beauty mesmerizes him and drives him mad. And her self control is exemplary.

There is a story of long-haul drivers who help keep the nation's businesses rolling. They make sacrifices for the sake of their families. These stories explore their travels on America's most remote and mountainous highways. The drivers share the stories of encounters with strange animals and people. One driver's encounter with a gypsy woman is out of this world. She scares the wits out of him during the travel by changing different forms and dresses. She visits him on his long journeys and vanishes so abruptly that fear courses through him of the unknown. Another long-haul driver helps a rooky driver to become a professional driver and a story of their interesting journey is fascinating.

The author is a proud US Air Force Veteran. While he is passionate about creating entertaining stories, he also believes strongly in using this time to acknowledge the hardships of war and the effects of war on veterans and their families. There are long term mental, emotional and physical effects of war. Not only for veterans trying to assimilate back into civilian life, but also for disabled veterans, veterans suffering from PTSD and older veterans trying to seek proper medical care. When budgeting for war the government should budget for the rehabilitation of veterans and assistance for their families and dependents. The other cost of war is the misery inflicted on other human beings of the countries that are attacked and this is important to acknowledge.

Another devastating issue the author wishes to address is climate change. We should create a World Emergency Preparedness Fund and 70% of the resources should be diverted towards this effort. The military should be specifically trained towards mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery of natural and man-made disasters. We should plan for future calamities and only develop defensive weapons to protect our existing countries.

Approximately, 4,000 teens and 40,000 people die on our highways annually. This book has appealing short stories and case studies for teens, parents, and grandparents. The book could be a life-saving gift for teens, athletes, coaches, and single mothers.

The author is extremely grateful:

To the former Florida State Football Coach Mr. Bobby Bowden for the letter of encouragement for this book.

For an encouraging message from Colonel W.M.Coppage, former Director of Alabama Department of Public safety.

A must-read for single mothers, teens, parents, athletes, commuters, and long-haul drivers

(Driver's License to Kill by A.P.Afgan. Available on Amazon and other book outlets)

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