The Undersea Art of Indonesia By M. D. J. D. Rawlings, Bfa Leah Perez (Photographer), Me Cmas Lobbu Cover Image

The Undersea Art of Indonesia (Hardcover)

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The Undersea Art of Indonesia by Charles Rawlings, Nuswanto Lobbu, and Leah Perez is the latest in a series of large format photographic underwater adventures penned by Charles et al. I own each one and thoroughly enjoy the amazement evident on first time reader's faces as they page through these marvelous volumes. As editor of the journal, American Conchologist, I have not only enjoyed and appreciated the photographic skills and adventurist spirit of Charles, but I have directly benefited over the years as he has provided me, and thus our readers, a plethora of high quality images of undersea life for use in the journal. Colors that leap off the page and images of minute alien-appearing organisms have been juxtaposed with first-time ever photographs of rare mollusks and camouflaged seashells in their natural environment. With this latest adventure and book, it seems Charles, Nus, and Leah have decided to draw the reader's attention to the art possible with skilled photography and the wonders of nature found in Indonesian waters. Each image belongs behind glass, framed, and mounted on an exhibition wall. One section of panoramic images in unbelievably clear water, another of coral reef fishes and their myriad of colors, another of close up images of brightly colored organisms small enough to fit several in a soup spoon, and finally a section where the colors and patterns win out over any identification of the exact subject matter -- underwater abstract art in nature. This is a marvelous celebration of the wonders of life and as readers we are lucky to have this opportunity to share the very best of what Charles and company discovered in countless hours of underwater photography. Thank you Charles, Nus, and Leah, I really look forward to sharing this newest volume of treasures and watching first time readers discover the beauty of your undersea world.


Thomas E. Eichhorst

editor -- American Conchologist

Conchologists of America, Inc.

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ISBN: 9781614937050
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Publisher: Peppertree Press
Publication Date: July 3rd, 2020
Pages: 194
Language: English