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The Road To ANCAPISTAN: And Its Cost (Paperback)

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***THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS EXTREMELY RADICAL AND REVOLUTIONARY******PLEASE PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION***Anarchy in the minds of the masses is simply a form of chaos. This is believed by most people because human beings appreciate organization, which is what the brain does for us to varying degrees. Concepts, ideas, thoughts, they are all organized and processed; we hold on to things that we find beneficial and discard what is of no use. Determining all of this is very Anarchist of us and yet not all that chaotic most of the time. To suggest that some people cannot organize and process thought doesn't mean that most people are chaotic... it means that some are. Anarchy is not a state of chaos; it is a state of having no rulers and no masters. Specifically it is the state of YOU being the master and ruler of yourself, much like you are with your mind. The Anarchist does not believe that you cease being in control of yourself outside of your mind, we believe that we still have that authority and the consequences associated.

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