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Firehouse Pranks and Antics: A Compilation of Firefighter Interviews (Paperback)

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Brother & Sister Firefighter, Sometime, ask a seasoned firefighter if they've ever seen anything funny in the firehouse and see where the conversation goes. A couple things will likely happen: the old salt will likely recall a number of great times they've had that are unlike any other social environment out there, and second, the new blood will get an idea of how America's firehouse should be. A laughing firehouse is a healthy firehouse. Some of the best-known names in North America's fire service today share their pranks and antics, as well their insight as to why humor in the firehouse—the healthy firehouse—is becoming lore instead of thriving as it once did.

About the Author

Jon has been a fan of Chief Brunacini since he was eight years old (obviously). His dad was a forest ranger and he grew up in the mountains of Idaho. His friends refer to him as a Cro Mangon Slob of sorts. He is rarely clean, can't cook, can't change his own oil, or do anything halfway productive around the house. However, he is a student of Firemanship, and loves the culture, the people, and even the ambulances. Jon is a career Fireman in McCall, Idaho with his C-shift brothers, and lives in the area with his lovely wife Amelia.Jeremy is a life-long admirer of fire engines. As a kid, he didn't know much about nozzles or irons, but he knew his dad and his uncle were the best Firemen in the world. Not much has changed for Jeremy, but he now works in proximity of some of the best in the business in Boise, and McCall, Idaho.

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Publication Date: March 14th, 2020
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