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Roget's Thesaurus of the Bible (Concise) (Hardcover)

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A Bible concordance may only show occurrences of a certain word in a certain version, and a theme book may only show a quite limited number of themes. This book, however, shows Bible references grouped according to meaning, no matter what words may be used. The range of meanings is not limited, covering the whole gamut of ideas as expressed in Roget's thesaurus of English words and phrases. This results in the grouping of Bible verses which would not find their way into a concordance or a theme book, even though they are important. For example, 'Who is this person?'' is a vital theme in the gospels, applied to John and to Jesus. The subject index of the Thesaurus enables the reader to find this theme by looking for 'be', 'is', 'identity', or 'who?' These words would not normally appear in a concordance.

Each category of meaning is subdivided according to the way that area of meaning is used within the Bible. For instance, category 485 is headed 'Belief' Within that category there are sections on 'Faith in general', 'Believing God', 'Believing in Christ', 'Trusting people', 'Trusting things' etc. Each of these sections is further subdivided.

The Thesaurus has 61,923 Bible references. It is also equipped with a Bible index which shows for each verse in the Bible the locations where this verse is mentioned within the categories.

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