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Be the best SWING on Broadway: Be the best SWING on Broadway (Paperback)

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There are thousands of performing arts schools grooming students for Broadway. Broadway is revered as the pinnacle of every performer's career. It's the "Olympics" of our sport that we have trained and worked so hard for. Would you be confident if you received a Broadway contract that said you were going to be a swing, a dance captain or an understudy? Hopefully you would reply, "yes"...after all, you have a college degree in the arts right? Half of the Broadway swings this season made their Broadway debut These are fundamental jobs in every Broadway musical, so why aren't graduates prepared to do these jobs? The problem is that there is "book knowledge" from school and "learned knowledge" from being on the job. This book series is here to bridge the gap between the two. Students are taught how to pick songs for the roles they are right for, how to perform them, how to study scripts, how to audition and how to show the best of themselves. They study the history of theatre and graduate with confidence that they can nail that audition and land a job. What happens when a talented performer actually books a job? What skill-set do they have to prepare them for the responsibilities that come along with performing under a union contract? It's a rude awakening for some performers to find out that about 85% of Broadway performers are not principal performers. Even those principals are not always principals The career choices are endless on Broadway and the idea is to prepare yourself for all opportunities. "Be the best on Broadway" is a how-to-series that will demystify and teach those who really want a career on Broadway, no matter how much schooling you may (or may not) have. Each book is written by a Broadway professional with first-hand experience and is regarded as an expert. Each writer is respected by their peers for the work they contribute on a daily basis on Broadway. The series breaks down the different job particulars in depth and provides tangible Broadway show examples. The goal is to combine valuable insight and resources into one book series to strengthen the chance of success for those who have the Broadway dream "Be The Best on Broadway" series is intended to be the newest "gold standard" of this industry. It will become one of those "must have" book series similar to "Audition" by Michael Shurtleff, "Meisner on Acting" by Sanford Meisner", and "Respect for Acting" by Uta Hagen. This particular book will prove to be invaluable to swings as well as any performer who wants to learn through this special "lens" ...the eye of a swing This book looks at Broadway through the unique perspective of a swing. It will help you understand the chorus better and you will gain an appreciation for the old Broadway adage "the show must go on". Swings are the very reason that the show can go on and you will soon see why. It is a job function on Broadway that is not widely written about or taught in schools. Until now, it's been every actor fending for themselves when offered a swing contract. I have been there It took me many years of being a Broadway swing to figure out what works and what doesn't. I wish I had someone or some book to give me guidance at the beginning of my career. Think of this book as a "book of secrets" to give you the chance to be an outstanding swing. There is nothing more rewarding than being recognized by your peers for doing your job well. There is a high percentage of performers on Broadway that, at one time or another, have been asked to be a swing. The tips in this book will make you stand out as a swing. It also deals with relationship skills needed for a career on Broadway. "Talent" doesn't give you opportunities, relationships do The goal is not to just do it well, but to become "the best" at it The ultimate goal is to have it be the only book you will ever need to be the best swing on Broadway.

About the Author

Jennie Ford is a professional, working "Broadway gypsy" and writer. She is known as one of the best in the business because of her expertise and has been respectfully nicknamed "worker bee" for her dedication to her job. She is a "coach to the stars" and is called on by many Broadway producers to help prepare actors for the job they have been hired to do, such as Nick Jonas, Darren Criss, Jerry Mathers, George Wendt, Ricky Martin, Eric McCormack, Robert Sean Leonard, and many more. Jennie was featured on CBS and along side with Chita Rivera for "The Gypsy Project". She has taught Broadway master classes across the US and Canada. She is well versed on both the business and performing side of Broadway. She has sat behind many audition tables, helped give actors their first professional job and is the one who teaches you on the first day of rehearsal. She came from a small town of 5000 people and worked her way to the Big White Way. She is a mother and a teacher who wants every child to have the same opportunity that she did. She is passionate about helping people get the tools they need to be competitive and remain relevant in today's Broadway scene. Performing has been her life's passion and she has had over 2 decades of success solely in that career.

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