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Santa Biblia Ntv, Edicion Semilla, Agua Viva Cover Image

Santa Biblia Ntv, Edicion Semilla, Agua Viva (Paperback)

By Tyndale (Created by)


La Santa Biblia NTV, Edici n semilla fue desarrollada espec ficamente para promover el conocimiento y crecimiento espiritual del lector. Ofrece una gran variedad de art culos que presentan las creencias b sicas de la fe cristiana y, siendo una Biblia econ mica, es ideal para distribuir o regalar
Caracter sticas:
  • C mo conocer personalmente a Jes s
  • Ense anzas fundamentales sobre Dios Padre, Jesucristo y el Esp ritu Santo
  • Grandes relatos de la Biblia
  • Pasajes de nimo e instrucci n
  • Planes de lectura

The Santa Biblia NTV, Edici n semilla Holy Bible NTV, Seed Edition] was developed specifically to promote understanding and spiritual growth in its readers. This Bible offers a variety of articles that present the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith. This, in combination with its economical price, makes it ideal to distribute to groups or give as a gift
  • How to Know Jesus Personally
  • Foundational teachings about God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit
  • Great Stories of the Bible
  • Passages for Encouragement and Instruction
  • Reading plans