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Among the Forest People (Paperback)

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Among the Forest People, a classic by Carolyn Dillingham Pierson, introduces young children to forest animals through a series of interesting stories including: Mr. Red Squirrel Comes to Live in the Forest, Why Mr. Great Horned Owl Watched the Eggs, The Swaggering Crow, The Red-headed Woodpecker Children, The Night Moth with a Crooked Feeler, The Bees and the Kingbird, The Story of the Cowbirds Egg, Mrs. Mourning Dove's Housekeeping, The Young Blue Jay Not Brave Enough to Be Afraid, The Red Squirrels Begin Housekeeping, The Biggest Little Rabbit Learns to See, The Little Bat Who Wouldn't Go to Bed, A Swarm Leaves the Bee Tree, The Haughty Ground Hog, The Undecided Rattlesnake, The Quarrelsome Mole, The Wild Turkeys Come, The Travelers Go South, The Ruffed Grouse's Story, and A Mild Day in Winter.

About the Author

Clara Dillingham Pierson authored a number of children's books in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Pierson, who was related to Abraham Lincoln, earned enough to buy a wonderful home named "Pencroft" with money earned solely from her "pen." Considered to one of the leading naturalists of her day, Mrs. Pierson was said to love animals so much that she would tiptoe into the kitchen late at night to feed mice that came into her house and would even coax them with bits of cheese.