Anna Hazare:

Anna Hazare: "Adhoori Jeet Ke Nayak" (Paperback)

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Today, India is going through the worst political crisis which is ever-growing corruption, which remains a concern for every Indian. But finally in year 2011 a common man emerged as a hero to fight against corruption. Anna Hazare, the anti corruption movement crusader is a man who alone fasted number of times after Mahatma Gandhi. He mobilized the people and awakened them to fight for their rights and decided to fight to the formation of strong Jan Lokpal. He led/leads his movements in Gandhian way, and delivered it as "Second war of independence," completely based on non-violence. The mass movement has spread like a fashion consciousness in the overall Indians, which forced the government to listen to the people. This movement resulted in the participation of all section of India, be it a child or elderly person, or the starts of silver screen or social organization. The Jan Lokpal Bill movement gave a special identity and popularity to Anna Hazare, not only in India but in abroad also. Today he has come to be known as the country's second Gandhi.

About the Author

Raj Singh completed his Schooling in his home town Gaya, Bihar; and is a graduate in Spanish Language from The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad as well as in Tourism Studies. Raj lives in Hyderabad. In his book, Anna Hazare "Adhoori Jeet Ke Nayak" he has highlighted the life of Anna Hazare and the Jan Lokpal Bill and its movement. Now he is back with his first love fiction "Breakup before love."

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