Discovering the Empire of Ghana (Exploring African Civilizations #6) By Robert Z. Cohen Cover Image

Discovering the Empire of Ghana (Exploring African Civilizations #6) (Library Binding)

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This is book number 6 in the Exploring African Civilizations series.


The empire of Ghana was a wealthy trading empire in West Africa located south of the Sahara Desert. Made up of a federation of the Soninke people, its richest historical record spans from about 750 until 1076 CE, due to the writings of Arab travelers and geographers from that period. The author explains what we know about this mysterious and fascinating empire, whose main city Kumbi Saleh was a link on the Saharan trade routes. Readers learn about the traditions, beliefs, and lifestyle of the Soninke and other indigenous peoples, as well as the effects of contact with Islam.

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ISBN: 9781477718827
ISBN-10: 1477718826
Publisher: Rosen Central
Publication Date: December 30th, 2013
Pages: 64
Language: English
Series: Exploring African Civilizations