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Black History Matters (Paperback)

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An important and hard-hitting chronicle of Black history, written by a celebrated Black historian. Winner of the 2020 School & Library Association prize for readers aged 13-16 and the 2020 ALCS Educational Writers' Award.
** Fully revised and updated for the new paperback edition. Includes notes on teaching Black history.

Black history is an integral part of world history. From the injustices of the past and present, we can learn and be inspired to make the world we live in more fair, equal and just.

Black History Matters chronicles thousands of years of Black history, from African kingdoms, to slavery, apartheid, the battle for civil rights, the global Black Lives Matter protests of 2020 and much more.

Important and inspiring Black personalities, from Olaudah Equiano to Oprah Winfrey, are highlighted throughout, while achievements and progress are balanced alongside a look at the issues that continue to plague Black communities.

#Blacklivesmatter is a powerful international movement, designed to raise awareness of and end ongoing injustice towards black people. This book is designed to connect with that movement and offer an important resource for all young readers during Black History Month and beyond.

Why Black history matters
Chapter 1: The African empires
The lands of the pharaohs
Ancient Egypt
Egypt thrives and declines
North African invasions
The West African desert empires
The Nigeria region
The East African coast
Chapter 2: The transatlantic slave trade
The transatlantic slave trade begins
A trade in human misery
Life as a slave
Growing resistance
The legacy of the slave trade
Chapter 3: Colonialism
The Scramble for Africa
The Pan-African Congresses
An independent Africa
Southern Africa and apartheid
Chapter 4: The African diaspora
African-Americans in the USA
The fight for civil rights
Change at last
The Windrush generation
Being Black in the UK
Black Lives Matter and George Floyd
Black Lives Matter in the UK
Black history today
Teaching Black history
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About the Author

Robin Walker, also known as The Black History Man, is one of the UK's most pre-eminent African scholars. Born in London Walker read economics at LSE before studying African World Studies under Dr Femi Biko and later Kenny Bakie. Since 1992 Robin has been lecturing in adult education, universities and conferences on African World Studies, Egyptology and Black History. Robin has authored or coauthored 13 books, including classic titles such as Classical Splendour, Roots of Black History Sword, Seal and Koran, the best study there has ever been on the Songhai Empire of West Africa (Everyday life in a West African Empire). Perhaps his most notable and critically acclaimed work is the title When We Ruled, which is hailed as the single most advanced historical synthesis on the history of Africa and its people to date. This established Walker as a leading authority on African studies in the English-speaking world.

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