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Serbia and Albania (Paperback)

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After graduating in law from the University of Belgrade in 1906, the Serbian social democrat and leader of the left wing of the Social Democratic Party of Serbia, Dimitrije Tucovic (1881-1914), also became editor of the journal "Borba" in 1910. He was strongly committed to socialism and peace, but died fighting in the First World War. Dimitrije Tucovic is the author of the book "Srbija e Arbanija: jedan prilog kritici zavojevačke politike srpske burzoazije" (Serbia and Albania: a critical contribution to the oppressive policy of the Serbian bourgeoisie), Belgrade 1914, in which he deals critically from a socialist point of view with the Serbian expansionist policy and in particular with the conquest of Kosovo and the attack on Albania in the Balkan War. The work is reproduced here in unabridged form. Reprinted by the November 8th Publishing House.

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