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Seashells Coloring Book For Kids! By Bold Illustrations Cover Image

Seashells Coloring Book For Kids! (Paperback)

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Shells are made by mollusks such as oysters, clams, and snails. They protect their soft bodies from dangers in the water. The mollusks secrete a calcium chemical that hardens the bones, forming the shell. When they die, the shell remains behind. However, many shells are symmetrical and random, and that's the reason why some species are more beautiful than others.The shape of the shell is also unique. A shell has ridges and it can be a great amplifier for ambient noise. This sound is produced by air moving through the shell. Although seashells are not animals, they are important to the environment. Those who love to explore nature should not collect seashells from the beach as they are extremely fragile. If you find a shell on a beach, don't keep it.It's not easy to spot a seashell at a beach, but you can still tell its age by the ridges on it. The ridges in a shell also indicate the size of the animal. The age of a shell can also be determined by the amount of carbonate that it contains. If you find a seashell that has more ridges than others, it's probably older.

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ISBN: 9781071706701
ISBN-10: 1071706705
Publisher: Bold Illustrations
Publication Date: February 20th, 2022
Pages: 82
Language: English