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Praying the Psalms: A G-Man's Journey Down the Psalter Trail (Hardcover)

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How is your prayer life? Do you sometimes feel like your prayers are nothing more than whispered words wandering aimlessly heavenward? Do you deeply desire a heartfelt dialogue with God? Guess what? That is what He wants too No other book in the Bible better captures the myriad emotions we experience as humans than the book of Psalms. Through the eyes of David and the other Psalmists, we see the unvarnished valleys and vistas on this roller-coaster ride we call life: from despair to delight; pain to peace; sadness to solace, any feeling you have ever felt is captured in the Psalms. God so desires to have a real relationship with each of us and the Psalms create the perfect platform and pattern to begin that journey. In this daily devotional Bob Blecksmith shares each of his personal prayers and thoughts based on the book of Psalms. Utilizing his experiences as a husband, father, grandfather, and an FBI Agent for 28 years, Bob Blecksmith will ask you to join him on his journey on the Psalter trail. This devotional/prayer-book will provide personal, real-life stories and practical examples to apply each Psalm for living in today's world, and in the process, experience a closer walk with the Lord. God already knows what is deep-down in our hearts and praying the Psalms helps us to better understand what He already knows about each of us.

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ISBN: 9780999733721
ISBN-10: 0999733729
Publisher: Robert A. Blecksmith
Publication Date: January 26th, 2018
Pages: 372
Language: English