When You Meet a Djembe Drum By Aderemi T. T. Adeyemi, Amy King (Editor), Tim Heron (Illustrator) Cover Image

When You Meet a Djembe Drum (Paperback)

By Aderemi T. T. Adeyemi, Amy King (Editor), Tim Heron (Illustrator)
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This book is literary nonfiction for kids. It encompasses the story of the West African Djembe drum, told from the point of view of Jembe, a Djembe drum. The magical drum shares facts about her creation: what the Djembe is made of, where it is from, the people that invented it, and a technique on how to play the drum. The story touches on the healing quality of the Djembe drum in a uniquely creative writing style. You and your beautiful and bright children will very much enjoy read When You Meet a Djembe Drum together. Read more about the story is the description. After you read the description just add this book to your shopping cart to save it for when you're ready to buy a copy of your own. Enjoy

Jembe says, "Hi". Then gives Sam and your children/students an introduction to the Djembe- the most popular African music instrument in the world. People all over the world enjoy Djembe playing and sharing this amazing music. Read about what things Jembe is made from, share her culture, love, and make music together.

Sam's had a rough day, but learns emotional awareness through a Djembe lesson. The boy gets a lesson form a talking Djembe drum named Jembe in this 1900 word book. Jembe shows Sam the West African origins of the Djembe- the people who invited the Djembe, what Djembes are made from, and also teaches some basics of Djembe playing. Sam resists in the beginning, because bang on the drum is all he wants to do at first. Then he becomes very interested in the West African culture of a huge continent. All kids will enjoy learning about people that have contributed to the music they love. The illustrations aid the reader by accompanying the text beautifully. This book illustrates how to strike the Djembe in a manner that will keep kids from 5-12 year old engaged. They will also learn to play KuKu an authentic West African rhythm. You will love meeting this djembe drum too

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ISBN: 9780999253052
ISBN-10: 0999253050
Publisher: Aderemi T. Adeyemi
Publication Date: December 31st, 2020
Pages: 46
Language: English