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The Hispanics (Paperback)

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Over the last two centuries, many different immigrant groups in North America have contributed to the rich diversity of culture in the United States and Canada. While some came to find opportunity, others were brought against their will. We Came to North America tells the history of the adventurous and often perilous journeys our ancestors made including:
-- the country they came from and why they left
-- how they reached North America
-- eyewitness accounts before and after reaching their new home
-- where they settled and the obstacles they encountered
-- cultural traditions we still celebrate today
-- famous people from each group and their contributions

The search for gold and other treasures brought the earliest Hispanic migrants to North, Central, and South America in the 1500s. This intriguing look at the many Hispanic cultures who came to stake their claims in North America and how their traditions are still celebrated today features full-color artwork and eyewitness accounts.

Topics include:
-- Spain and the Americas
-- early settlements in North America
-- Latin America
-- First impressions: Miami
-- refugees from Central America
-- continuing culture and traditions

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ISBN: 9780778702009
Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company
Publication Date: October 1st, 2000
Pages: 32