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Walking Between the Raindrops: A treatise on trauma (Paperback)

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WE LIVE IN A VIOLENT WORLD. School shootings, mass murders, terrorism, child abuse. Our early perceptions influence our choices as adults. Personal growth is limited by beliefs formed in childhood.

What compels us to do the things we do? Is it possible to heal from trauma? Can we break this hold violence has on our lives? Can the demons of our past be put to rest?

Within these pages, you will find insightful answers to questions like these - and more. READ THIS BOOK TO FIND WHY: *

The past must be processed, not forgotten. Abuse knows no boundaries. If you are living in trauma, this book is for you Together we can make a difference Let's make our world a safer place.

About the Author

Women often came to my self-defense classes to learn to protect themselves from an abusive mate. Their stories are silently interwoven into this book. When I was taking a research class for my master's degree, I discovered the newly-released ACES study, which confirmed my suspicions of the effects of childhood abuse had on adults. This book is a combination of hard-won wisdom, the ACES study, working with veterans, and years of research. This is my first book. See the back pages for an excerpt of my second book: Take the Quantum Leap into Abundance. By practicing kindness and compassion, and through prevention and education, we can halt the spread of violence in our world.

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ISBN: 9780692775288
ISBN-10: 0692775285
Publisher: Mu Shin Press
Publication Date: October 10th, 2016
Pages: 106
Language: English