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Traveling Man: The Journey of Ibn Battuta 1325-1354 (Hardcover)

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Ibn Battuta was the traveler of his agethe fourteenth century, a time before Columbus when many believed the world to be flat. Like Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta left behind an account of his own incredible journey from Morocco to China, from the steppes of Russia to the shores of Tanzania, some seventy-five thousand miles in all.
James Rumford has retold Ibn Battuta's story in words and pictures, adding the element of ancient Arab mapsmaps as colorful and as evocative as a Persian miniature, as intricate and mysterious as a tiled Moroccan wall.
Into this arabesque of pictures and maps, James Rumford has woven the story not just of a traveler in a world long gone but of a man on his journey through life.

Praise For…

"An awe-inspiring tale, evocatively presented, and perfect for armchair travelers." Kirkus Reviews, Starred

"Simply put, this is a beautifully crafted work that will undoubtedly spark interest and encourage further study." School Library Journal, Starred

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ISBN: 9780618083664
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children
Publication Date: September 1st, 2001
Pages: 40