The Best Bedtime Book (Romanian): A rhyme for children's bedtime By Nate Gunter, Nate Books (Editor), Mauro Lirussi (Illustrator) Cover Image

The Best Bedtime Book (Romanian): A rhyme for children's bedtime (Paperback)

By Nate Gunter, Nate Books (Editor), Mauro Lirussi (Illustrator)
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The Best Bedtime Book brings children comfort with the truth of God, salvation, and heaven to sleep peacefully. The rhyme for children's bedtime reads with a simple, soothing tone with profound truths making it a memorable and enjoyable repetition. Let children sleep to the truths of life, even eternal life, guiding them with bright words for a dark world.

Make children's bedtime peaceful with a children's bedtime story that deepens devotion and uplifts kids to prayer. Bring children to meditate on God's word through a nightly bedtime rhyme. Discover the best bedtime story for ages 2-12 that unify and simplify countless Bible stories. Let reading bedtime stories for children become captivating and real, allowing their nightly routine to mature and continue into adulthood.

A children's book for toddlers to young readers for your bedtime story time. Children's ages 1-3 and 3-5 will enjoy the illustrations and the rhyming. Children ages 5-8 and 8-12 will fall asleep to simple and deep life truths, and even asking question on the meaning to the rhymes.

Welcome to Mr. Nate Books

Mr. Nate Books is a children's book collection that brings a world of all ages together with illustration, imagination, and instruction - reading the world differently The Best Bedtime Book is the 9th children's book launched in the independent children's book collection during Spring 2021, Children's Books on Life and Behavior. Now publishing in multilingual editions. These can be used as Christian children's fiction books and for Christian education in homes, schools, churches, outreach, organizations, and relationships.


Get ready for bedtime with the nightly rhyme A simply profound book for easy reading and deep thinking. Nurture children with the natural and spiritual truths that last a lifetime. Children will be reminded of God as their Creator, his plan for our daily life-cycle of sleep and work, and prepares them for the final day to see him face-to-face. Children will be comforted by the gospel of Jesus as truths to live by and read within the best book for bedtime - God's word, the Bible. Let children fall asleep to comforting truths and awake anew from hearing, "God loves you "


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Read nightly and discuss daily. Read before bedtime while children are in their beds laying down or use for naptimes even. Choose a week to repeatedly read each night. Ask questions to bring deeper and wider discussion of the rhyming lines. Help children learn of what is the best bedtime book that The Best Bedtime Book describes. Learn to guide deep discussions of life and death at bedtime, allowing God's word to bear comfort in an often-fearful time of the day - nighttime. Grandparents use during times with grandchildren to express and explain the truths they have lived by all these years. Let the rhyme become a generational, educational, and spiritual influence on counsel and conversations for the next generation of children rising to a new day God has made.

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ISBN: 9780578961859
ISBN-10: 0578961857
Publisher: Tgjs Publishing
Publication Date: August 1st, 2021
Pages: 36
Language: Romanian