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Rise of the Girl: Seven Empowering Conversations To Have With Your Daughter (Hardcover)

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Help your daughter become her best, well-rounded self.

Raising a girl is complicated. Empowerment messages and incredible achievements are everywhere, yet poor self-esteem, peer pressure, and fear of failure are very real threats. This essential parenting guide shows you the seven most common issues holding girls back from reaching their full potential.

Inside the pages of this inspirational parenting book, you’ll discover:

   • Action plans for seven key areas of your daughter’s social, emotional and mental health.
   • Guided dialogues with customizable options to make them age-appropriate.
   • Practical parenting tips for raising a girl.
   • Inspirational accounts from famous moms, dads and daughters.

Does your beautiful, talented daughter tell you she’s ugly and useless? Would she rather stay alone in her room, scrolling her phone, than join you on a family day out? This parenting reference book highlights all signs that your daughter is struggling to cope with the demands of modern life. Follow the practical parenting advice to help your wonderful girl see how great she is already and how much greater she can become!

Packed with 7 age-appropriate action plans, parenting advice and guided conversation starters, Rise of the Girl will give you the tools you need to guide your daughter through this challenging world and prepare them for amazing adulthood. It’s the perfect parenting book for girl moms and dads raising confident, resilient and powerful women!

About the Author

Jo Wimble-Groves is a successful tech entrepreneur, and the co-owner of an award-winning global mobile communications company; she is also a mom, and a passionate advocate for women and girls. In 2016, she started her Guilty Mother blog about parenting, work-life balance, and how we instil resilience into our kids - it now has over 50K followers on social media. Jo has been named as one of Management Today's "35 under 35" in The Sunday Times.

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ISBN: 9780241506844
ISBN-10: 0241506840
Publisher: DK
Publication Date: November 9th, 2021
Pages: 304
Language: English