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3ds Max in Minutes: All Killer, No Filler (Hardcover)

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Get up and running in 3ds Max with ten instructional videos, e-summary documents, and all the project files that you'll need. These comprehensive videos are the fastest way to get going with 3ds Max-each just ten minutes long, featuring Andrew Gahan's clear-cut presentation style.


* Introduction to 3ds Max and Create * Modify, Including Basic Objects * Applying Texture Maps * Creating Texture Maps from Photographs * An Introduction to Unwrapping in 3ds Max * Creating Grass and Foliate * Generating Normal Maps * Generating Ambient Occlusion Maps * Creating Trees and Tree Walls * Creating Lights
All Killer - no filler. 10 Max training video tutorials that focus on core techniques for busy professionals - recorded and delivered by some of the industry's hottest specialists. Speed, Speed, Speed. No repetitition. Only essential coverage. Artists get just what they need - essential information, quickly and simply. Bite-size Max modeling and texturing tutorials (the essentials) - short, core info only, straight to artists who need to master professional techniques quickly.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780240814100
ISBN-10: 024081410X
Publisher: Focal Press
Publication Date: June 29th, 2010
Language: English